Use the EXACT system a professional teacher uses to evaluate curriculum – yet adapted for homeschooling families!

  • Evaluate what criteria qualifies a curriculum as the right choice for you family
  • Create your custom evaluation tool to review curriculum options
  • Know what materials you have that can be used for teaching and which should be used for practice.
  • Focus your time and money on finding the resources that will work for your child
  • Evaluate activities for levels of brain engagement and how to best use these for YOUR child

Lesson 1: Knowing Your Intentions

Lesson 2: Three Types of Curriculum

Lesson 3: Three Quick Ways to Rule Out Curriculum that Won’t Work for Your Family

Lesson 4: What makes a curriculum GREAT?

Lesson 5: Five Factors that Influence Your Curriculum Choices

Lesson 6: Your Rating System to find the RIGHT Curriculum for Your family

Lesson 7: BEWARE of THIS type of Curriculum

Learn this PROVEN system to teach for YOUR child’s gifts!
You will learn the methods to:

  • Know and establish your child’s educational foundation
  • Elevate your child’s areas of strength and weakness and adjust your curriculum accordingly
  • Use the materials you have effectively
  • Evaluate activities for levels of brain engagement and how to use these for YOUR child

Lesson 1: Let’s start with your child: Observing where your child is now

Lesson 2: What does your child really need to learn?

Lesson 3: Setting the Foundation for a QUALITY Education

Lesson 4: How to Customize for YOUR Child

Lesson 5: Customizing for Your Child’s Strengths & Weaknesses

Lesson 6: Building a System for YOUR Child

Lesson 7: Managing Your Customized System

Lesson 8: Assessing Your Child

Lesson 9: Accelerate, Dive-in, Pause, or Quit?

Lesson 10: Priceless Value of Your Child’s Feedback

In this course, you will learn the step-by-step system to:

  • Plan unit studies that reflect your child’s interests
  • Tie in as many (or few) subject areas you wish
  • Use the materials you have effectively
  • Know how and when to end a unit study, or when to keep going!
  • Track the exact skills you teach with a simple printable (this changed my world!)

Lesson 1: How to Choose a high interest topic

Lesson 2: How-to Create Focus within your topic

Lesson 3: How to Choose the Skills to Teach

Lesson 4: Creating the Lesson Plan: Anchor Activities

Lesson 5: Creating the Lesson Plan: Linking to Your Anchor Activities

In this course, you will learn my proven system to:

  • Plan workboxes that reflect your child’s education needs
  • Tie in as many (or few) subject areas you wish
  • Use the materials you have effectively
  • Know how to set your child up for success with pre-teaching (and the method to keep track of it)
  • Track the exact skills you teach with a simple method (this stops overwhelm!)

Lesson 1:  Workbox Activities allow your child to practice skills.
Lesson 2:  How many workboxes does your child need?
Lesson 3:  Set your child up for success
Lesson 4:  Choosing Workbox Activities for YOUR child
Lesson 5:  Choosing quality by using what you already have

Lesson 6: Using a Rotation System in your Workbox Activities

Lesson 7: How to Know if Workboxes are Working

In this course, you will learn the strategies for:

  • Finding your child’s gifts
  • Providing opportunities for your child to thrive
  • Giving your child permission to not be gifted in all areas
  • Elevating activities for brain engagement
  • Ways your child can lead their own education (and how you can support that)

Lesson 1: How to Use Your Child’s Interests

Lesson 2: Using Levels of Brain Engagement

Lesson 3: How to Help Your Child in Areas of Struggle

In this course, you will learn the strategies for teaching:

  • Beginning Readers
  • Fiction and Non-fiction Lesson Ideas
  • Comparing Non-fiction Books
  • Comparing Similar Stories
  • Advanced Comprehension Strategies
  • Phonics: What you MUST know about those letter sounds

Grab printables in this course such as:

  • Story Maps
  • T-Charts
  • Using Venn Diagram
  • Reading Response Ideas

In this course, you will learn the strategies for:

  • Elevating Your Math Instruction
  • Teaching Problem Solving
  • Role Modeling Problem Solving
  • Reviewing Math Skills (beyond flash cards)

In this course, you will also get these printables:

  • Understanding all SIX areas of mathematics
  • 3 Steps to Elevating your Math Instruction

In this course, you will learn the strategies for:

  • Getting your child’s thoughts on paper as early as Pre-K
  • Teaching handwriting without a separate curriculum
  • The vital role you play as teacher for your child writing’s success

In this course, you will also get handouts for:

  • Handwriting Secrets to Success
  • Development Stages of Writing
  • Using the Writing Process
  • How-to Use Family Message Boards to Teach Writing

Since you are busy (I really do get that), I am offering an 2 options for LIFETIME access when you join the Academy. You can work through the systems at your own pace. Watch only the videos you need right now. Print only what your family will use this month. The rest will be waiting for you whenever you are ready.

Using these systems, you will be more confident, set yourself and your children up for homeschooling success, AND watch your children learn and THRIVE.

I really do want you and your child to have a positive homeschooling experience, so if you chose the Lifetime Academy Membership, you get access to any new resources I add in the future, too! How COOL is that?

  • Learn why you can’t cover it all (BTW-public schools don’t either), but there is ONE THING you can do that is even MORE important.

  • Get access to The Unit Study Planning Formula for a step-by-step guide to creating your own unit studies customized for your child’s interests and learning needs.

  • Gain insight for how your child’s brain naturally learns and how to use this in your homeschooling day.

  • Teach to your child’s strengths and weaknesses and let them THRIVE!

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    • Is this a curriculum?

      No. Thrive Homeschooling Academy is a collection of online classes for homeschooling parents. Through these e-courses, parents learn how to choose and use resources for maximum learning opportunities for their children. You can use what materials you already have. You will learn methods for selecting optimal resources that are just right for your child. This will save you time and money for the remainder for your homeschooling journey.

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    • Which grade levels do you prepare parents to teach?

      Currently, our Academy is designed for parents of students functioning between toddlerhood and grade 5. We do not recommend the Academy for Homeschooling Parents of middle school or high school functioning students. However, those parents are welcome to register for subscriber exclusives on and post homeschooling questions on our Facebook page for community and support

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    • If these resources are top-quality, then why offer them at such a low price?

      Business coaches have recommended that I price this Academy between $1500-$2500. However, I do not believe many homeschoolers can afford that.

      In keeping with the mission of helping as many homeschoolers as I can, it is my goal to keep these resources affordable.

      Whenever you join the Academy, you can access all e-courses AND all future e-courses for a one-time LIFETIME fee.